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185 60 R14 Tyres

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185/60 R14

These are the tyres with a width of 185mm between the sidewalls, a percentage width of 60, and a diameter of 14. These tyres are hardly audible and make less noise while driving. Their noise intensity level ranges from minimum 70 dB to maximum 72 dB.  These tyres have a good wet gripping and water drainage, but when talking about dry gripping these tyres give outstanding results. The fuel efficacy of these tyres is good, but they are comfortable enough to use, on economic terms these tyres are usually a good option. These tyres have lower rolling resistance as compared to other tyres. The wear rate of this tyre is excellent and are durable when handled carefully. These tyres provide stability to the vehicles while driving on wet surfaces. These tyres have good braking and give a sense of security to passengers, grooves on the roads are no more a problem now. These tyres are often affordable, but the rate depends upon manufacturing companies.

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