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17 inch tyres: tyres for DST

Spring is here, and it is again a tyre change, if not already gone with all-season tyres. This raises the question as to which tyre is right. Comparing prices is worthwhile because in any case.

Test Winner ADAC

First, the size of the required tyre must be determined. This is in the vehicle documents and also to the already driven tyres. The tyres are always equipped with the data width, height, inches, speed. 17 inch tyres are already recommended wide tyres and more for executive motoring. This is a tuning tyres, a so-called option tyres, which is to increase the aerodynamics and performance. The test winners at the ADAC in 2013, for example, is part of the Michelin Energy Saver Plus, of a wear-resistant summer tyres and fuel efficient (through the low rolling resistance). It convinces with dryness and wet. The price comparison he convinces. Among the 17 inch tyres also convinced the Dunlop SP Sport Maxx RT . A sporty summer tyre which is safe in all disciplines. He responded confidently in wet and dry and is saving fuel by the low rolling resistance. The Semperit Speed ​​Life FR is the test of spritsparendste tyres and one of the low-wear summer tyres. He also distinguished by good handling characteristics, particularly when wet from. In ADAC test two tyres dimensions have been tested for their road performance, braking performance, wear resistance, noise and rolling resistance. It was found that the premium tyre, the front seats occupied. The top brands are mentioned here.

all season tyres convenient and cost

An all-season tyres is definitely very convenient as it is not necessary to change tyres. There is, of course, quality and price differences that are observed. 17 inch tyres as surely their advantage when changing weather conditions little. Surely they have a greater abrasion than in winter in summer. In winter they are grip in the snow. The advantage - a tyre for all year and lower costs - because no tyre change is needed. Here the Vredestein Quatrac 3 FSL is a price- and performance model.

Who wants to safely and comfortably reach your destination, you need good tyres. Therefore, motorists should always quality 17 inch tyres prefer, but have there eyes on the respective season.

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